Romelu Lukaku Pre-Sale Mint Access Pass

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Romelu Lukaku Pre-Sale Mint Access Pass
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Oct 17, 2099 1:00 AM


Oct 17, 2099




Belgian football superstar Romelu Lukaku x SportsIcon will be releasing a collection of exclusive cinematic NFTs, producing a unique opportunity for fans to own a piece of sporting history secured on the FLOW blockchain. A series of cinematic NFTs will be released, in common, rare and ultimate, split into nine chapters with three segments each. These curated moments cover the highs, lows, challenges and inspirations from an incredible career, as well as featuring the technical skills of an Iconic player with incredible utility. Gold Pass: (Editions = 76, Price = 75 FLOW), Silver Pass (Editions = 650, Price = 30 FLOW), Bronze Pass (Editions = 1400, Price = 7.5 FLOW)


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